Study visit to Croatia, 14-19 May 2017

It has been carried out a study visit to Croatia on 14-19th of May 2017 in order to learn about the selection and designation process of Natura 2000 network in a new member state. Within the scope of the study visit Zagreb, Zadar and Dubrovnik cities have been visited. According to the agenda Croatian Ministry of Environment and Energy, Nature Park/Natura 2000 site Medvednica, Natura 2000 site Nature Park Lonjsko Polje, National Park/Natura 2000 site Plitvička Jezera, Natura 2000 site Ninsko Blato, Natura 2000 site in Lokrum Island are visited and necessary information are gathered from relevant institutions. On the last day of the visit an excursion took place to the Islamic center and to the old town of Dubrovnik.