It has been agreed that 6 legislation workshop will be held to prepare secondary legislation on nature conservation in compliance with EU nature conservation directives within the project. The fifth of the workshops was held on 18-20 April 2018, in Eskişehir.

Draft secondary legislations were analyzed with their content and articles. It has been achieved to updating the draft legislations with the opinion and suggestion of experts from the relevant departments, academicians and foreign experts such as Dr. Petra Rodic and Zrinka Domazetovic.

The following draft legislations (five) were discussed in the fifth workshop;

1. Bylaw on Inventory, Monitoring, Research activities of Biodiversity and Permission for Access to Genetic Sources 

2. Bylaw on Inventory and Monitoring of Biodiversity 

3. Bylaw on Research Activities on Biodiversity Elements and Access and Share of Benefit

4. Bylaw on Conservation and Management of Wild Species

5. Bylaw on Introduction and Conservation of Wild Species out of their habitats